Talks & videos that inspire us

“What school is for?”

Seth Godin, author of best sellers such as “Linchpin”, “Purple Cow”, “Tribes” and who runs the altMBA program asks us to think about “What School is For?”

This excellent TED talk will resonate with those of us who have finished schooling in a traditional setting. We watch this regularly to remind ourselves of what school we should be looking to build.

Disruptive education.

This is a short documentary on the Acton Academy from a few years ago. If you are curious to see what kind of educational experience we are trying to build, this is it.

This is an extremely well made documentary that inspired us to build a great experience for our children, and gives us a glimpse on what is in store at Flourish.

Teaching for mastery. Not test scores.

Sal Khan, the person behind Khan Academy gives an inspiring TED talk on why we should teach children for mastery rather than test scores.

If this does not convince you that studying with the only intention of doing well in tests is bad, we don’t know what will :)

Do schools kill creativity?

Ken Robinson, in this extra-ordinary TED talk makes a great case of how creativity is extremely important as we charge into the future, and how most schools tend to kill creativity.

Thought provoking, funny and at the same time poignant. If you haven’t seen this already, you are in for a treat.

The future of learning. A hole in the wall.

Sugata Mitra is the architect of the “Hole in the Wall” experiment, by which he discovered that children can teach themselves without any adult supervision.

This is one of the core principles of our school as well, which we hope will set our children up for a lifetime of self-learning.