The Flourish School + Qweebi Mars Rover Challenge

We are putting together a program during the winter break.
This program is open to all children (even outside of the Flourish School).

This is in collaboration with Qweebi – a Singapore-based company building a tool that allows children (and adults) to prototype toys and other objects in a virtual environment.

Using Qweebi, you can create unlimited projects using virtual household materials without worrying about the practical issues of using glue, finding materials, or running out of supplies.

People can use this tool for prototyping their designs virtually and testing them in an environment that uses real-world physics before building them in the real world. So we feel this would be a valuable tool to have in your toolkit if you like tinkering with stuff.

We are running an in-person trial program with them to use their tool and build a Mars Rover prototype over 5 days.

The participants will spend the first three days picking up STEM concepts through first-hand investigations and mini-challenges.
Then, they will use the final two days to put their learning into practice and build a rover that can go over challenging terrain.

This program will also include 3 months of complimentary access for the participants to the Qweebi tool so that they can continue to tinker at their homes.

Target age group
8-14 years

26th Dec 2022 to 30th Dec 2022 (5 days)

10 AM to 1 PM every day

Flourish campus at Magarpatta City, Pune

Rs. 2,500 (inclusive of a 3 month licence)

Requirements for Participants
A laptop (Windows / Mac) + External mouse with a scroll wheel

Maximum Participants