How does self-paced learning work?

Self-paced learning works in 3 steps: Step 1: Figure out where our learner is currently with understanding of basic fundamentals and concepts. Step 2: Discuss with the families and the learners where they would like to be at the end

Does Flourish provide transportation options?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. Being a small school, we are unable to offer transportation services. However, all our Eagles are currently carpooling with peers that stay close to them. And a few other parents have gotten together and started

What is Socratic teaching? Why is that important?

Socratic teaching, named after the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, is a method of teaching that fosters critical thinking and illuminates ideas through questioning. The Socratic method is crucial in education as it fosters critical thinking and independent problem-solving by encouraging

Do you really not have teachers at Flourish?

The grown-ups at Flourish are called "guides" and they don't teach. Guides use the Socratic method - which is to ask questions and inspire our learners to find the answers out themselves. Guides are actually not allowed to answer any

What board is Flourish affiliated with?

Flourish is not affiliated with any board in India, nor does it ever aspire to. The way Flourish approaches learning would not be possible if we were to affiliate with any board in the country. Flourish is a partner school

Do you offer art at Flourish?

Yes! Our art program is learner-driven and changes with every session. Eagles spend 3 hours a week on an Art program. Some of our recent art challenges have been around comic book illustrations, creating pop-up cards, calligraphy, nature-journalling, etc. Also,

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