Fees schedule for the Academic Year 2024-25

Flourish Fee Structure:

We charge a part of the fees at the start of every year, and the rest of the fees are paid monthly (over 10 months).

Sibling Discounts:

We offer sibling discounts at Flourish with a discount of 10% for siblings.

We have Rolling Admissions:

  • Admissions are open 6 times a year, approximately every 6 weeks (at the beginning of every session).
  • For mid-year joiners, fees will be prorated based on the time of joining.

Locked-in Rates
When your family joins Flourish, we honour the commitment by locking in your tuition at the rate of your joining.
While our tuition may see adjustments in the future, for our existing families, any increase will be capped between 2% to 8%, ensuring it aligns only with inflation.

Fees for Academic Year 2024-25

  • Spark Studio (Montessori, 3 to 7 years): Rs. 2,24,200 per annum (inclusive of taxes)
  • Elementary Studio (6 to 11 years): Rs. 3,06,800 per annum (inclusive of taxes)


Our studio is currently located at Ravi Farms, Sopan Baug, a lush 20,000+ sq foot campus.

The Admission Process

The admission process will involve the following steps:

Step 1 – Let’s make sure our values align

Please go through the “Core Values” and “Inspiration” section videos on our website which explain the concepts on which our school is based. The video by Sugata Mitra underlines our commitment to a learner-driven environment in which we believe that children can teach themselves anything – with the right tools and guidance.

Please do read “
A Letter to a Parent” in which we explain why we are building this school and how it will work.

Step 2 – Fill up the form below

Step 3 – Meet us for an Audition

The Audition process involves us meeting with both the parents and our young learner in-person to discuss if this would indeed be a good fit for your family.

This will not be an interview or test – but rather a casual chat to ensure we are all on the same page that we can truly serve your family well.

Step 4 – Trial Week

If the audition goes well and we all feel this might be a good fit, we invite your learner to join us for a trial week. During this week, your learner will be paired with a running partner and get to experience what Flourish is about. They will take part in all our quests, challenges, writer’s workshop, civilisation and art program and assess whether they would like to be part of the learning experience at Flourish.

Step 5 – Enrolment

Once everything is set, you will be invited to be part of our learner-driven community.